Ken Kataoka


I’m Ken Kataoka, who owns this blog.

I’m 28 years old and based in Tokyo JAPAN.

I do love leather shoes and shoe care, as well as collecting vintage shoes from the old era. Also, I make bespoke shoes in a traditional way.

Leather shoes are made of many leather parts, and I need to assemble all the leather parts with high precision which is fun to forget the time.

As I start making shoes on my own, I realized that every pair of shoes were made by try and error, and I started to think that I need to wear and care leather shoes in the proper way for long last.

That is because leather shoes that have been properly maintained and carefully worn for many years have wordless beauty.

In this blog, I write articles for various information about leather shoes. I put particular emphasis on the information on leather shoes care and maintenance from my experience for a long time.

I hope that I can share the fun of leather shoes by wearing and maintaining them through this blog!