【Shoedex No.3】Alden Whisky Cordovan Wingtip

Long Wing Tip Shoe by Alden

Alden is an American shoe brand founded in 1884.

A rustic and traditional collection is always popular, but the most famous shoes are shoes made of shell cordovan.

Shell cordovan is leather from horse butt and is known for its smooth and glossy texture.

Smooth and glossy texture

There are some colors of shell cordovan and the color you can see in the photo above is called “Whiskey”.

Since the color of Whisky is light and can not be used for a product if there is even a slight scratch, it is said that whiskey cordovan can only be made from 1 in 10,000 horses.

Long Wing Tip (called “Full brogue” too) is a bit casual looks and the best for the relaxing outfit.

The sole is a double leather sole and thick, with a storm welt finish.

Long vamp line and sole finish


This shoe is model No. 97891 and uses Barrie Last.

Below is the size chart of the shoes I usually wear.

Unit Size
cm 25.5 〜 26.0
US 7.5D 〜 8D
EUR 40.5 〜 41

The size of the shoes worn this time is 7.5D.

The Barrie Last is made larger than other lasts so please chose half lower size from the US size you usually wear.


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