【Shoedex No.2】Berluti Alessandro

The iconic model of Berluti 「Alessandro」

Berluti is a luxury shoe brand from France, and well known for the elegance and classic style dress shoes.

Alessandro is one of the most popular models which is designed in 1895 by Alessandro Berluti, the founder of Berluti.

It made with a one-piece of leather called whole-cut shoes. There is no extra decoration and looks extremely simple, so you can see the beautiful shape of shoes.

Whole-cut shoes with no decoration

The shape of the toes is particularly noticeable.

When viewed from the side, it has chiseled-toe but when viewed from the top or the front, it has slightly angled toe shape as you can see in the photo below.

Slightly angled toe shape from the top view

Berluti is famous for patina work, but you can enjoy the texture of the leather more clearly when it is made in black color. The insole is full-sock.

Insole is full-sock


Below is the size chart of the shoes I usually wear.

Unit Size
cm 25.5 〜 26.0
US 7.5D 〜 8D
EUR 40.5 〜 41

The shoe size shown in the photo is 7.5. The heel part is made smaller and I felt that the foot is firmly held. The toe space is good, not too cramped, but also not too much.


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